Royder Road Closure

As of yesterday afternoon Royder Road ia closed from Greens Prairie Trail to Backwater Drive.  This closure will be in place for the next 10 months while the roadway is being reconstructed into a 3 lane major collector section with bike lanes and sidewalks.  There are detour routes in place for those who typically use Royder to get north and south in the area.

The roadway is also closed to all pedestrain and bicycle traffic.  If you walk or bike children to the schools along Greens Prairie Trail and can not drive them as alternative.  CSISD is offering bus services to the Creak Meadows sections north of Greens Prairie TRail.

Those of you who are in teh Royder Ridge, access to the neighborhood will need to be in and our Ledgestone. 

There will be no access along Royder Road.